Manufacturer of welded reinforcement mesh

BK SIATMET - manufacturer of concrete reinforcement elements and wire products.

It is a family-owned business operating in the metal industry since 1986. We manufacture:

  • Welded reinforcement nets (reinforcement mats),
  • Scattered reinforcement for concrete,
  • Galvanised and galvanised and powder-coated fence panels,
  • Galvanized and PVC-coated fencing nets
  • Galvanised wires, PVC-coated, soft glowing, black semi-hard.

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Innovative production of reinforcing mesh.

Investment in innovation - this has been our aim since the beginning. We take care of the details during the production of welded grids, building mats, diffuse reinforcement and our other products. We test all prefabricated products in a state-of-the-art materials science laboratory. We strive for optimum functionality and durability. As a result, our products meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

We guarantee to supply any construction site with solid reinforcement materials. We service various types of projects: production halls, warehouses, shopping centres, housing estates, roads and motorways. We sell reinforcing mesh, welded mats and other products at manufacturer's prices. Quickly and without intermediaries. We ensure delivery of goods to the site of projects. Construction companies, property developers etc. are welcome to contact us.


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