Scattered reinforcement

Steel fibres are used to reinforce concrete as an alternative to other methods, e.g. using reinforcement grids. Steel fibre reinforced concrete has a homogeneous structure with uniformly distributed reinforcement.

In its favour are the following considerations:

  • lower price compared to other reinforcement methods,
  • reduction in material costs (less concrete),
  • ease of use - the fibres are added directly to the concrete mix,
  • time-saving - no reinforcement work.

Scattered reinforcement was mainly known for its use in structural elements of industrial and utility buildings (tunnels, car parks). Nowadays, they are increasingly used in typical foundations and floors. Reinforcing fibres prevent cracks and fissures in concrete. They increase its strength, frost resistance and fire resistance.

The steel fibres we offer have the relevant technological approvals. For more information, please call + 48 511 736 690.


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