Reinforcement mesh

Reinforcement mesh is used to reinforce large areas of concrete. They are an integral part of the construction of masonry buildings and reinforced concrete structures. The purpose of the meshes is to protect against cracks caused by high stresses and to increase the resistance to loads. Reinforced concrete becomes much stronger and remains intact for many years.

Areinforcing mesh is a flat sheet composed of longitudinal and transverse wires, joined at the intersections by hump welding. For the production of these meshes, we use thick ribbed or corrugated steel wires. Due to their appearance and function, they are also called welded nets or building mats. The welding process is carried out using automatic multi-point welding machines. We are a manufacturer of reinforcement mats with different mesh sizes (e.g. 50x50, 100x100, 150x150 mm) and made of wire with diameters: 2.00; 2.20; 2.50; 3.00; 4.00; 4.50; 5.00; 6.00 and 8.00 mm. We also fulfil non-standard orders for specific customer needs.


We manufacture construction welded mats in various sizes. The offer of standard patterns in the table below. Upon request, we can also produce a mesh with an untypical mesh size and wire diameter.


We manufacture construction welded mats in various sizes. The offer of standard patterns in the table below. Upon request, we can also produce reinforcement mats with non-standard mesh size and wire diameter.

Dimensional data of reinforcing grids
mesh size nominal wire diameter ø mm
2,00 2,20 2,50 3,00 4,00 4,50 5,00 6,00 8,00
50×50 × × × × × × × × ×
100×100 × × × × × × × × ×
150×150 × × × × × × × × ×

Reinforcement mesh is used primarily:

  • in the construction of houses and industrial, commercial and public buildings for the reinforcement of foundation slabs, walls, facades, floors and ceilings,
  • in the construction of roads, motorways and various types of traffic routes for optimum pavement strength.

Themain advantages of welded nets are that they reduce the shrinkage of the concrete, thereby eliminating the risk of cracks and deformations on the concrete. These undesirable phenomena occur as a result of varying temperatures, moisture, the weight of the building or the work of the substrate. Reinforced surfaces are resistant to harmful weather conditions and other mechanical hazards. They retain a uniform structure over a long period of time, without cracks, damage or chipping.

Buying reinforcement is one of the best decisions you can make during construction. The price of reinforcement mats is relatively low. The protected surfaces are very durable and long-lasting. They do not require major renovations or costly replacement every few years. In return for the reinforcement, you get the guarantee of many years of peaceful use.


Concrete is a material commonly used in construction. However, despite its extreme durability, it tends to shrink, especially during drying. As a result of shrinkage, cracks appear on the surface of the concrete, which significantly reduce its strength. In order to avoid this adverse phenomenon, concrete is subjected to reinforcement.

The type of concrete reinforcement depends on the intended use of the structure:

  • Concrete floors, ceilings and slabs are most often reinforced with mesh reinforcement, building mats and diffuse reinforcement,
  • Steel space trusses are generally used to reinforce foundations or floors.

The use of reinforcing grids for concrete brings a number of benefits:

  • accelerates the construction of the facility,
  • reduces the amount of concrete and thus the drying time,
  • increases the load-bearing capacity of the concrete,
  • dissipates stresses, preventing the formation of cracks and fissures,
  • improves thermal insulation properties.

The combination of concrete and iron is widely used in the construction industry. As a construction material, reinforced concrete is characterised by its ability to withstand high static and dynamic loads, fire resistance and weather resistance. Thanks to the reinforcement, building structures retain their strength, durability and stability for many years.


The cost of reinforcing mesh depends on the material from which it is made, the diameter of the wire and the intended use. In order to make the right choice, you need to familiarise yourself with the technical parameters of the product and the design requirements. Attention should be paid to the thickness of the bars and the mesh size. In general, the denser and thicker the mesh, the greater the resistance to loads.

Weoffer reinforcement mats at manufacturer's prices. We produce universal models for a variety of applications. On individual order, we also make nets with non-standard dimensions. For more information, feel free to contact our customer service department - phone:+48 511 736 690.

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Our products are certified for use on the EU market. The certificates were issued by an accredited unit - the Building Research Institute in Warsaw. Welded reinforcement meshes have the ITB certification mark WYRÓB BUDOWLANY (BUILDING PRODUCT). Selected types are also marked with the NATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF CONSTITUTIONAL PROPERTIES. See photos below for details.


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